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Respected Sir,

My wife’s name is Mehrunisa aged 75 years. We are residing at purasawalkam, Chennai – 7

From the month of January 2017 she was suffering from ortho pain in the right hand. She had taken treatment but not relieved from the pain, the drugs she had taken led to her allergy. Her whole body was full of patches and wrinkles. It was God's grace that her internal parts such as kidney, liver were not affected but the whole skin in the body from head to toe was affected. She was suffering from itchiness, burning sensation, hair fall and sleeplessness. We had been to a skin specialist he did not give her any treatment instead directed us to consult Dr S Murugusundram for he has all basic amenities for treating skin.

We met the doctor, he diagnosed her and said that she had been taking steroid tablets and that had affected her skin. The doctor was very kind and he had given the best treatment at an affordable cost.

She was relieved from the pain, itchiness, burning sensation within a month, the patches and wrinkles were cleared and she has resumed her original body condition and is in good health.

Thanks to the doctor and staff. The doctor was very kind and said these prophetical words “Be confident you will be healed and have a good life”.
Thank you, sir, may God bless you and the Chennai skin foundation and Yesudian research institute.

M.K. Yousuff March 24, 2018

Chennai Skin Foundation

Clinico-pathological Correlation – The Final Impression

— Prof Patrick Yesudian